Assembly: Hello World example in NASM

Save the following code as helloWorld.asm: ; we will use function printf extern printf ; mark label "main" as entry point of our executable global main ; this section contains all data section .data message db "Hello world!!", 10, 0 ; this section contains all code section .text main: ; save registers on stack pushad ; print message push dword message call printf add esp, 4 ; restore registers popad ; exit with code 0 mov eax,1 mov ebx,0 int 80h Create a Makefile with the following content:

SSH access to Telecom ParisTech

This tutorial works on my Debian Stretch installation. It allows to connect to a computer at Telecom ParisTech in a “salle de TP”. It should work on recent Unix-like OS given you installed the required packages. You can skip the “One time preparation” if you want to type in your password every time. [Link to official mention of SSH access.] One time preparation Add the following lines to file ~/.